My Story


I’m Naomi… and I am the smile behind Naomi Gabrielle Photography. First, lets clear up one thing, Gabrielle isn’t my surname, it’s my middle name, but it’s easier to spell than my surname so I use it!

I have always loved taking photos, ask my mum, I came back from youth camp when I was 10 with about 5rolls of film that she had to pay to develop! My photographic inspiration was two fold, as a child I was very close to my great uncle, Eddie, and he loved photography. He would take portraits of me, and our family, he had a darkroom in his home, which I wasn’t allowed to play in (spoil-sports)! Eddie had gifted my dad with an SLR camera which used to come on holiday with us every year… it had a number of lenses, flash guns and other bits you could add and take away, I was fascinated.

Sadly, in 2007, my Grandma passed away; she wasn’t a rich lady, but with the money she left me I decided I wanted to buy something that would enhance my life and would remind me of her every time I used it; I bought myself my first digital SLR camera. The intrigue I had as a child was reborn; friends and family alike could see that my passion for photography had been renewed! I spent the next four years just taking photos for fun, and then five years ago I took my passion for photography from being ‘just a hobby’ and made it into my full-time ‘job’.

I now work with over 50 companies, agencies and charities, all across Europe, producing galleries of images of awards ceremonies, conferences, business summits, charity fundraisers, restaurant menus, PR events, product launches and so much more… I absolutely love the variety of my work.
Although hearing how much my clients love my work, seeing my pictures in print, as part of an online campaign or spread across social media, is brilliant, the thing that continues to motivate me is my love for photography! My business was set up because of a raw passion for taking photographs, because of the way I love telling a story through pictures and I hope that will always be the main reason for doing what I do.
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